Healthy juicing with cruciferous vegetables

Vegetables can be a good Healthy Juicing option for those who wish to stay healthy and fit.

Luckily we are not helpless in our exposure to these hormone disrupting chemicals. This is where the cruciferous vegetables list comes in. The buzz terms here are substances called DIM (diindolylmethane) and I3C (indole-3-carbinol). All cruciferous vegetables are rich sources of these phytonutrients.

DIM (diindolylmethane) and I3C (indole-3-carbinol) can contribute to:

•    Improving your metabolism
•    Detoxification
•    Hormonal balance
•    Blood sugar control
•    Reducing inflammation
•    Body fat reduction

Ultimately, these can spell weight loss! This is apart from helping your body to keep cancer at bay.

Your mom was absolutely right when she urged you to eat your broccoli!

The best juicing recipes for weight loss, should always include ingredients from the cruciferous vegetables list. By giving your body the tools it needs to fight against xenoestrogens, nudging detoxification in the right direction and helping with hormonal balance, cruciferous vegetables are uniquely positioned to promote fat loss in your body.

In addition, cruciferous veggies also help certain enzyme systems in your body to function optimally, further contributing to liver detoxification. These veggies are of course also loaded with a variety of other nutrients and phytonutrients that are vital for maintaining good health in general.

The bottom line is that by including cruciferous vegetables in juicing recipes for weight loss, your body will be receiving a boost in the nutrients it needs to metabolize xenoestrogens efficiently. The detox pathways of your liver is of the utmost importance here. Almost every nutrient you take in, contributes to the effective functioning of these pathways, but cruciferous vegetables are major players to include.

Cruciferous Vegetables List To Use When Juicing For Weight Loss:

•    Cauliflower (white or purple)
•    Broccoli (green or purple)
•    Brussels sprouts
•    Kale (green or purple)
•    Bok choy (chinese cabbage or pak choi)
•    Cabbage (green, red or purple)
•    Collards greens
•    Watercress
•    Radish
•    Broccoli sprouts
•    Arugula (rocket)
•    Kohlrabi (white or purple)
•    Mustard greens
•    Turnip
•    Broccoflower
•    Daikon


So, try Healthy juicing to gulp boring veggies.

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Healthy Juicing Recipes to Cope with DEPRESSION

Depression is a state of mind that can be cured or prevented with Healthy Juicing.


Asparagus Juice – yields 1 cup = 8 oz

• 4 Asparagus
• 1 Orange
• 1 tsp Hemp oil

Celery Juice – yields 1+1/2 cup = 12 oz

• 2 stalks Celery
• 1 Grapefruit
• ½ cup Parsley
• 1 tsp Olive oil

Aronia Juice – yields 1+1/2 cup = 12 oz

• 1 cup Aronia berries
• 1 Orange
• 1 tbsp Honey

Apple Juice – yields 1+1/2 cup = 12 oz

• 1 Apple
• 3 Carrots
• 1 tbsp Flax oil

The most advisable organic ingredients to deal with Depression

Natural remedies, vitamins, fish oil, and more for natural Help with Depression.


Healthy Juicing Recipes

for Healing a HANGOVER

Beet Juice – yields 2/3 cup = 5,50 oz

• 1 Beet
• 2 stalks Celery
• 1 tsp Spirulina Algea powder (B vitamin)

Warning: Beet juice is a very strong detoxifier and it will clean your blood very fast.

Be careful, to really use the benefits of beet juice properly you have to drink with it also plenty of water, which will flush the toxins out of your body.

Coconut Juice/Coconut Water

Coconut water/juice is an excellent natural isotonic that takes care for a quick restoration of lost fluid, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals after hard work, exercises, and even heavy drinking.

Tomato Juice – yields 3/4 cup = 6 oz

• 4 medium Tomatoes
• 2-3 pinches Cayenne

Orange Juice – yields 3/4 cup = 6 oz

• 2 Oranges
• 1 tsp Citron juice
• 1 pinch Cumin (powdered)

Pineapple Juice – yields 1+1/3 cup = 10,50 oz

• 2 cups Pineapple
• 2 cups Strawberries
• 2 stalks Celery
• 2 slices Ginger

Effective veggies, fruits, and additives for curing a Hangover

Simple yet efficient natural Hangover Solutions for getting rid of a hangover


Get the heck out depression and hangover with Healthy Juicing.

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Healthy juicing with Fruits and Vegetables Used for Headaches

Healthy Juicing helps give some relief from headache. Here are some more info’s for you.

Headaches can be caused by muscular and nervous tension, digestive disorders, blood pressure changes, low blood sugar, withdrawal from stimulants, eye strain, sinuses, food allergies, weather changes or posture problems.



Juicing helps give some people relief. In almost every instance, rest is needed. So, try some juice and take it easy!

Fruits and vegetables to juice:

Apples, Bananas, Broccoli, Leafy Greens and Watercress


Cayenne, Evening Primrose Oil, German Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon Balm, *Rosemary*, Skullcap (nerve related headache), Thyme, Valerian (nerve or stress realted headache), Vervain
Note: Meadowsweet and Willow herbal tinctures are natural asprins that you may want to have on hand for temporarily relieving pain from headaches.

A good recipe

•    3 sprigs of parsley
•    1 handful of spinach leaves
•    1 handful of watercress
•    1 apple

Process through juicer, wisk together and drink!
An apple-carrot juice always works well when mixed with a few sprigs of fresh juiced rosemary. You can stick the whole sprig into the juice after you’ve juiced your fruits and veggies. But be careful- rosemary is strong. This is a common remedy used to alleviate head pain!


Constipation and Detox – Ingredients to use:

For Constipation, you’ll want to use produce that act as a gentle laxative like apples, fruits that start with a “P”, or red cabbage.

For Detoxing, the quickest and easiest “go to” veggies are carrots and beets! Remember though that beets work best on an empty tummy.

Headache and Migraine – Ingredients to use:

Calcium and Magnesium are nerve and muscle function regulators. The combination of the two has proved very useful in preventing and relieving headaches.

Produce rich in these nutrients include:

•    Spinach
•    Okra
•    Broccoli
•    Swiss Chard
•    Turnips
•    Fennel
•    Kale (Calcium)
•    Celery (Calcium)
•    Cabbage (Calcium)
•    Bok Choy (Calcium)
•    Collard Greens (Calcium)
•    Blackberries (Magnesium)
•    Raspberries (Magnesium)

Ginger is a natural pain reliever (and reliever of many other things, too!) It is also a natural anti-inflammatory, so it helps fight off a headache.

Fennel gets special attention because it’s a great source of calcium and magnesium, in addition to being known for aiding in constipation.

Rosemary is the surprise ingredient that is a migraine suffers best friend. It helps improve blood flow to the head, and helps out your liver.


Follow the tips to get rid of headache with Healthy Juicing

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Healthy Juicing Recipes for COMMON COLD Treatment

Common cold might be a minor health issue but it irritates the most. Healthy juicing can be really helpful in treating it.

COMMON COLD TreatmentApple Juice – yields 1 cup = 8 oz

• 3 Apples
• 1 slice Ginger

Lemon Juice – yields 1+1/2 cup = 12 oz

• ½ Lemon
• 1 Orange
• ½ Beet

Kiwi Juice – yields 1+1/2 cup = 12 oz

• 2 Kiwis
• 2 Apples
• pinch Cinnamon

Celery Juice – yields 2 cups = 16 oz

• 2 stalks Celery
• 1 Apple
• 1 Orange
• 1 slice Ginger (1 cm)

Simple yet efficient ingredients to help with the Common Cold


Healthy Juicing Recipes

to Relieve ASTHMA

Carrot Juice – yields 1 cup = 8 oz

• 4 Carrots
• 1 Apple
• 1 stalk Celery
• ½ Lemon
• 4 leaves Kale

Nettle Juice – yields 1 cup = 8 oz

• 1 bunch Nettle
• 1 cup Broccoli
• 4 Carrots
• 1 Lemon
• 1 pinch Chile

Blueberry Juice – yields 1 cup = 8 oz

• 1 cup Blueberries
• 1 cup Blackberries
• 1 cup Strawberries
• 1 cup Grapes
• 1 Lemon
• 2 slices Ginger

Effective natural ingredients to ease Asthma

Simple yet efficient home remedies for a great Natural Asthma Help.


Have a look at some more juicing recipes.

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Healthy heart for healthy juicing

Juicing is becoming much more popular these days. Healthy juicing can keep your heart healthy as well.

There are numerous juice combinations that can protect against heart disease and other health issues.  The FDA and National Cancer Institute suggest one thing to stay healthy?eating more fruits and vegetables.

For most, it’s nearly impossible to consume the recommended four to five servings a day.  The better way to consume these servings is through juices.  Now, juicing doesn’t mean you just go to the supermarket and pick up some everyday juice.  No, you need to consume fresh juices and the best way to do that is to make them yourself.  Processed juices have been stripped of many of their nutrients. Juices that are bottled, canned, refrigerated or frozen are less effective in their healing and cleansing properties.



In 2005, the Preventative Medicine Research found that eight ounces of pomegranate juice a day could stop coronary heart disease in its tracks. In fact, within only three months, the study showed that the effects of coronary heart disease were reversing. UCLA also conducted a study that showed pomegranate juice had slowed the progression of prostate cancer.

Good old fashioned Concord grape juice is also heart healthy.  You?ve probably heard that red wine is good for the heart, but unfortunately the alcohol is not good for your liver.  Instead of taking the chance of harming the liver, consider making your own grape juice and get the same heart healthy effects.

In addition, vegetable juices are not only healthy, but they have fewer calories and less sugar than fruit.  You also receive much more nutrition from vegetable juices.  There are several heart healthy vegetable juices including tomato juice, which is high in lycopene and has powerful antioxidants that are good for reducing the risk of heart disease.  Carrot juice is another good juice providing several benefits including better vision, protection against heart disease and protection against cancer.  Following are some additional healthy juicing tips:

  • Invest in a good quality juicer, leave it on your kitchen counter and make your own fresh juices daily.
  • Vegetable juices are lower in calorie and higher in nutritional value than fruit juices.
  • Try spinach, broccoli, beets and garlic for a healthy heart.
  • Fresh tomato juice is high in lycopene and antioxidants.
  • Carrot juice helps improve vision, protects against heart disease and cancer.
  • To stop coronary disease cold, drink eight ounces of pomegranate juice daily.
  • Choose concord grape juice instead of red wine. You’ll keep the antioxidant benefits, and your liver will be happier.
  • Spinach can be mixed with other vegetable juices as well, to promote heart health.  Another good combination for the heart is spinach, broccoli, beets and garlic.

If you currently have a heart condition and you are taking medication, such as Lipitor, it is important that you be careful about some of your juice ingredients.  For example, grapefruit juice may interfere with the absorption of your medication.  What happens is that the grapefruit juice causes the medication to enter your bloodstream too quickly, which is equivalent to taking a higher dose of the medication rather than it slowly absorbing over time.


When it comes to eating well to lower cholesterol and keep your heart and arteries in great shape, you probably know to cut down on the salt, up your fiber intake, and enjoy fish a few times a week.

But there is a sweeter way to boost your heart health. Smoothies and juices, when prepared with the right ingredients and enjoyed in moderation, can provide a daily dose of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. To help you choose the heart-healthiest juices and smoothies , we asked leading nutritionists and doctors for their tastiest recipes. So, go ahead: Sip your way to a stronger heart and lower cholesterol.


Healthy juicing to make your heart healthy.

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Healthy juicing for a Healthy Glowing Skin

Let your skin glow to the goodness of juices, healthy juicing for healthy skin.

Juicing diets provide increased energy and oxygen levels and help to rid the body of toxins and waste that your skin has to excrete. Eating a diet consisting of healthy foods and fruit and vegetable juices promotes a softer, healthier glowing complexion. The Diet Health Club website recommends that you consume fruits and vegetables containing vitamins C, A and B complexes to increase blood circulation, thus increasing oxygen to skin tissue and providing nourishment, leading to flawless, younger-looking skin.

Carrots Are Powerful

Aside from having a sweet, refreshing taste, carrot juice is loaded with vitamin A. An 8-oz. glass of carrot juice will supply 20,000 mg of vitamin A, which is the vitamin recognized for improving not only eyesight, but also for preventing the drying of skin tissue, according to the Agro Products’ website. Carrot juice is excellent for treating acne because it contains powerful cleansing properties that detoxify the liver. When the liver is detoxified, it gets rid of the toxins in the blood, so the skin doesn’t have to excrete those toxins and is clarified. This powerful juice also contains a large amount of vitamin C, which is highly effective for skin nourishment and preventing skin blemishes. Please note, if too much vitamin A is absorbed, the skin and eye whites can turn yellowish-orange in color.

Aim For Green

Green vegetable juices are excellent sources of chlorophyll, which acts similarly to the body’s hemoglobin. In addition to being very high in vitamins C and B complexes, folic acid, iron and potassium, to name a few, green vegetables also promote cellular response and growth. Green juices counteract the body’s pH level, rid the body of acidic wastes and clear the skin. Cucumbers, kale, spinach, green leafy lettuces and celery are excellent options for juicing green vegetables. To improve the taste to your liking, you can add different types of melons, pineapple or carrots to the juice.


in addition, green drinks have anti-infective assets, counterbalance the body’s pH, rid the body of acid wastes, and purge the body of mucous. Lastly, they clear the skin, purify the kidneys and clean and strengthen the blood.

Bottom line—get yourself a juicer and start making it part of your lifestyle and your skin and health will thank you!

Cucumbers – This vegetable is high in silica, which is a mineral that fortifies connective tissue. More importantly, silica is excellent for skin elasticity and your complexion. Please use organic and non-waxed cucumbers and be sure you juice the skin where most of the nutrients are located.



Parsley – This vegetable warrants big kudos for your skin. It is rich in just about all the skin boosting nutrients. It contains beta carotene, chlorophyll, vitamin B12, folic acid (great for firm skin), vitamin C and iron. So, don’t treat it like the orphan décor on the side of your plate anymore—have a half a cup a day for great skin!

Parsnip – This vegetable is full of potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, and chlorine.

Consequently, it is great valuable for not only your skin, but your hair and nails.

Sweet Potato & Taro – Want an outstanding complexion? This vegetable is a superb source of beta-carotene. They also have tons of vitamin C, potassium, carbohydrates, calcium and fiber. They say that you can actually live solely on sweet potatoes and stay healthy and strong. Look for the darker color, as it is higher in vitamins.

Lettuce – Iceberg—NO! You’ll get more nutrients by drinking a glass of water. Use the Romaine, Boston or Bibb for your skin juice. This is a good source of chlorophyll, sulfur, chlorine, silicon and B complex; which all play a role in hair growth and healthy skin.


Start Healthy juicing for a healthy glowing skin.

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Beauty tips with healthy juicing.

Check out the Beauty tips with Healthy Juicing.

Several nutrients play a role in the health and beauty of our physical features. Here are seven that are particularly great for skin health and found in abundance in fruits and vegetables.

•    Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps maintain skin development and health. It’s a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals, which are responsible for premature aging. Vitamin A also helps to reduce the production of sebum, which causes acne problems in some people. A deficiency in vitamin A can lead to rough, dry skin and in extreme cases cracked skin, especially around the mouth.



•    Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that also helps protect cells from free radicals. It works along with vitamin A for numerous skin benefits. This vitamin combination is often found in facial creams and other skin care cosmetics.

•    Vitamin B Complex

B Complex consists of eight vitamins that are essential to cell reproduction. B vitamins that are especially important to skin health are B1 (thiamine) and B3 (niacin) promote blood circulation throughout the body and help deliver nutrients to skin cells. B2 (riboflavin) contributes to healthy growth of skin, hair and nails. A deficiency in this vitamin can lead to liver spots, oily skin and cracked skin around the mouth. B5 (pantothenic acid) regulates hormone production and combats stress, which can lead to skin flare-ups. A deficiency B6 (pyridoxine) can lead to dry cracked skin, eczema and pigmentation problems such as liver spots.

•    Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential compound of collagen, a protein found in the skin that gives it elasticity.

•    Beta-carotene

Beta-carotene protects against free radical damage and is converted to vitamin A in the body.

•    Silica

Silica (silicon dioxide) is a trace mineral found in the connective tissues (like the hair and skin) and is required in the body to keep nails, hair and skin in good health. It is also needed by the body to make collagen.

•    Zinc

Zinc helps prevent inflammation and flare ups in the skin. It is needed in the body to help skin heal and also reduces the effects of scarring.

For more information read Know Your Vitamins and Minerals.

Juice Recipes

For these recipes you’ll need a good juicer. If you don’t have one and you’re interested in purchasing one, here is a great resource for juicing that will help you choose the right one for you.

Berry Berry Good Skin Beautifier

1 cup blackberries
1cup blueberries
1 cup raspberries
1 cup strawberries

Juice all the ingredients. Berries are high in vitamins A, C & E. I remove the stems, juice the berries and save the pulp and eat it later for fiber.


Are you wondering if juicing can help your skin glow or help skin conditions?

I believe it can. In fact, I sort of feel like I have a lot of experience in this area. It’s not just because I have a natural soap buisness where I hear tons of stories about bad skin…

It’s because I had terrible acne for years that I tried to cover up with make up. They were more like boils, or cystic acne. I did go to the dermatologist and tried all those advertised cosmetics.

While the gel based meds the doctor gave me to put on my face did help (and so did the cosmetics) I also think that they ended up having some side effects, making my skin dry and mal-nourished(if that would be the right word). Some even caused boils that never came to the surface, making a whole new type of acne appear for me.

Had I known then that…

Skin conditions often occur because skin is our largest eliminative organ. When our body cannot rid of toxins and is not flowing properly, it forces out impurities through the skin, causing many different types of conditions.

Juice fasts and detox programs have shown to have a great effect for those with skin problems.
Skin conditions usually respond to dietary changes and cleansing herbs listed below. For most people, thier liver or bowels are dirty and need to be cleaned.

Do you have dry skin? Adding essential fatty acids to your diet helps to nourish dry skin. This includes flax oil, udo’s brand oil (my fav), ground flax seeds, raw walnuts, hazelnuts, oily fish.

Do you have psoriasis? It typically is an increase in proliferation of skin causing red, scaly plagues.

Some studies have shown that citrus and nuts aggravate the condition. A balanced diet and good nutrition have helped many. If I had this condition, I would absolutely detoxify my liver and bowels(bowels first or it could back up and get worse!) I also know many who have transitioned to a raw food diet and thier symptoms disappeared!

Do you have rosacea? A chronic inflammatory skin condition in which too much oil is produced by the glands are the characteristics. It is often associated with digestive disorders. The dietary and cleansing herbs listed below are often effective in clearing this condition.

The fact is…

Any time we increase the nutrition in our bodies it will show in our skin. We look prettier and glow when our body is receiving the nutrients it needs. Juicing is a great way to get that natural glow!
Fruits and vegetables to juice:

Apples, Apricots, Berries, Cantaloupe, Grapes, Mangoes, Papaya, Pears, Carrots, Cucumber, Leafy Greens, Beets(and thier greens), Pumpkin, Squash, Watercress

Herbs to juice and cleanse:

Burdock, Calendula, Cleavers, Dandelion, Echinacea, Evening Primrose oil, Licorice, Fennel, Red Clover, Nettle, Yellow Dock, Milk Thistle

If you suspect acne is related to the menstrual cycle, try taking the hormone balancing chasteberry herb.


Know more about juicing before incorporating it in your life.

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